The Ebola hemorrhagic disease is terrifying, as the virus punches microscopic holes in the endothelial lining of blood veins, vessels, and capillaries, causing blood to leak from its normal pipelines coursing through the body. Within hours, the punctures enlarge … and blood pours into the intestines, bowels, and respiratory channels. As the victims become feverish — raging in pain and hallucinations — their tears drip red with blood.
Laura Garrett in her article “Don’t Kiss The Cadaver,” about the Ebola outbreak in Guinea (via nprglobalhealth)


So, it has been relatively calm. I decided to stay at site and celebrate with a family I know and my kitten, Naveen. Yesterday, I baked banana bread which I will be giving to the family today using a dutch oven method. I also did one of those racerback workout shirt tutorials complete with…

How long have you been at site? I will be next door in Swaziland in June. One other question how often can you see whale sharks there? That’s on my buck list to swim with them!